Yanni Hufnagel: Three Elements that make a Great Player



Coaching in sports and coaching the team is very important because they act as the head of the team. The coach and the coaching staff are responsible for the planning of the play the team will do. The coaching staff trains the players and teach the fundamentals and techniques of the sport. The coaching staff is responsible for conditioning the team They also implement discipline and proper diet to their students/players. Coaches also mold and develop his team as ethical people, as well as great athletes. They make sure of the players’ safety and well being during trainings and games. Without a coach, players may not play as a team and there will be smaller chance of winning the game.



One of the rising names in the coaching industry in Basketball is Yanni Hufganel. Yanni was recently recognized for his outstanding performance as the assistant coach in leading Harvard University in its very first win in the recently concluded March Madness. Recognized for his excellent performance as part of the all-men’s basketball team of a prime Ivy League school – he is now transferring his service and is now rendering his services to Vanderbilt University for the next season.



Yanni Hufnagel is well known for his great performance and his genius picks for college drafts. Yanni has also worked with National Basketball Association superstars like Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. Needless to say, he is a very talented individual who is a very critical part of having an effective coaching staff.



Yanni Hufganel employs only three key requirements when he picks for his draft. Yanni first looks for a winner: in action, heart and mindset. Think of it as him looking for players with “Mamba Mentality”. It is essential for Yanni’s players to be winners on and off the court – with their work ethic and performance. Next, Hufganel looks for players that are coachable and malleable – he needs not only great players, but also players who listen and are obedient. But most of all, Yanni looks for players who have a good energy and a good work ethic. He looks for these things because it is important for Yanni to be able to connect and work well with his players. These are the main things that make great teams for Yanni Hufnagel. Learn more about Yanni on mylife.com