What sets Clayton Hutson apart in the Music Industry

When you listen to music, you rarely pause to think of people behind the scene who make it a success. The music industry is full of talented individuals who direct, manage, and oversee music. Clayton Hutson is a talented music engineer who has worked with big names such as Pink and Garbage. He studied theater design before joining the entertainment industry. In a recent interview, he revealed that he has always loved music.

Clayton Hutson used to watch artists live on TV and wondered what he could do to be part of the team. His first job in the industry was a sound engineer. He describes himself as a perfectionist who considers artists’ experience. He likes quality work and double checks everything. He also manages live tours and is described as a gem. After working with a few companies, he decided to open his own entertainment company. He has a team that helps him run daily operations. His day starts at 6:30 AM. He ensures that he arrives at the venue before everyone else. He is meticulous and always prepares a to-do list.

To ensure his day runs without any hinge, Hutson prepares everything the previous day. To bring ideas to life, he envisions them sound, or set design to know what to implement. He only implements what works. He is focused on wowing clients and ensuring that they have amazing experiences. The industry is constantly changing. If you sit back, you will become irrelevant. Clayton Hutson is always learning to improve his skills. Having a good relationship with clients also helps him remain relevant. Happy clients recommend you to their friend.

From someone who has been in the entertainment for a long time, Clayton Hutson advises upcoming artists to improve their skills. Patience also helps because you cannot become a success in an instant, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. He urges people to be conscious and double check everything they do. The quality of a product is more important than anything else, and you need to ensure it is impeccable. You risk tarnishing your name if offer substandard products to clients.