Wen Hair Care Products

Wen is a hair care product founded by Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/chaz/philosophy). Wen was designed to make hair beautiful and healthy without damaging it. Unlike other shampoos, WEN doesn’t contain sulfate lather. Lather was seen as a way to keep hair clean, when it was really stripping and damaging hair. It contains natural ingredients such as herbs and extracts. Ingredients that make hair stronger, fuller and healthier. Chaz had picked lavender, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, apples, pears and bananas from his garden, and used this blend to wash his hair. Those herbs and fruits combined caused his hair to feel clean and hydrated. He then worked with a lab on creating a shampoo using those ingredients.


Chaz then spent the next five years testing WEN on his own hair, working to make it perfect. The ingredients keep hair moisturized so it won’t become dry and break. The cleansing conditioner and anti-frizz crème save your hair from the damage caused by flat irons. People who have used the cleansing conditioner reported their hair being more moisturized, shinier and easier to manage. Wen can be used in place of shampoo, conditioner, even leave in conditioner. The QVC available re-moist treatment can be used to keep hair healthy and well managed. It undoes any dryness or frizz caused by humidity. For more information, visit the website at wen.com.

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