Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and he is also Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. As an entrepreneur and business man he has worked in real estate for 20 years, helping people own homes. He is ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Lubar has worked in several industries such as entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking. He serves his community first. He starts his day by reading the news, which helps him put his industry in perspective and he views this as necessary for business acumen. He feels his past experience with real estate has led him to mortgage banking.

As a productive entrepreneur, speaking to Ideamensch, Lubar believes in being hyper-organized. Knowing what’s going on helps him make informed choices on what to do next like the home environmental control trend that has cropped up in recent times. He enjoys having

He feels his worst past job was working at a grocery store. Lubar decided that working at a grocery store was not the right sort of job for him even if he learned how to work from that job. Advice for others: building successful businesses is hard work. Make sure you put yourself in it. Sometimes you will have business deals that will go sour. Don’t give up because of this.

Lubar uses custom built software in his daily operations. All systems must work the way you work. Lubar believes in surrounding yourself with those who challenge you both personally as well as professionally. Lubar also believes in helping other people as his #1 value. He is careful to be around others who feel the same. He started business life as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned about conservative mortgage banking. In 1999, he then looked at a long line of advances by joining Legacy Financial Group where he learned about loans to outside investors. It was in 2003 that Lubar opened Charter Funding as a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the largest U.S. based mortgage companies. Legendary Financial LLC is an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC. With changes in the mortgage industry in 2007 and 2008, Lubar got involved in other businesses such as commercial demolition. As an entrepreneur, he believes in adding value to all he comes into contact with. Read more on