The True Betsy Devos, the Fighter Within Her

President Obama put into place a law that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with. President Trump recently reversed this law. Publicly, it seemed as if everyone on Trump’s team agreed with this policy. However, privately, things were not exactly so black and white. The New York Times reported that Betsy Devos, the Education Secretary, actually opposed the move. Not only that, but before the Trump administration announced that they are going to reverse the law, Betsy Devos met with an Education Department employee who represented other employees who identified as members of the LGBT community. She let this employee know in advance what Trump was planning to do. She made it clear that she did not support the reversal of the law.


This exemplifies who Betsy Devos is. Publicly, she is the epitome of politeness. However, privately, she will fight strongly for what is right. To those who do not know her, they will see an image of the most polite person. However, that does not mean that she will give in on issues that are important. Privately, she is very driven. She will use whatever resources she has at her disposal to make sure that she gets what she wants to be done. She has her goals and constantly strives to achieve them.


The fact that she was a newcomer to Washington did not seem to deter her on her position on bathrooms. Jeff Sessions was supporting the reversal of the law, and he had a better status in Washington than her. People who know her say that she should not be underestimated. She is known to do whatever she can to make deals and stop those who oppose her. People who know her say that she will certainly learn the tricks quickly and manage in Washington just okay.


Betsy Devos comes from the Prince family, which is known as a philanthropic family. She has donated a lot of money herself. Not only that, but she is an activist who has worked a lot for education. One of her biggest projects was helping to support charter schools. She campaigned heavily so that various voucher programs were put in place to help charter schools. She herself attended a private religious school. Not only that, but she became politically active and served for thirty years with the Republican Party in Michigan.


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