The Life of Doctor Saad Saad


In the case of Doctor Saad Saad, finding success is as easy as being himself and following the path of common sense. As a matter of fact, his pure and simple method of personal and professional growth is the cornerstone to fourty years of success. This long path of growth ends with his handling of pediatric expertise and experience with will and grace.


From New Jersey to Jerusalem Doctor Saad Saad deserves just a bit of recognition for his accomplishments. It starts back in Kuwait during the 1960’s, where he finds out very quickly that working outdoors is not for him. He has to do something to make a living and the way through this world, coming from Kuwait, so naturally the only smart thing to do is become a surgeon. Learn more:


And although he is a very cheerful and quick-witted individual, his medical prowess is not to be underestimated and is certified. These are on top of his medical accomplishments, which include invention. It all comes down to the fact that he is a medical maverick.


As a matter of fact, he is a salutatorian graduate from medical school, which opens the door for a little certification that allows him to practice medicine in the United States. This medical practice includes a career as Surgeon in Chief and Co-medical Director at K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital as a part of the Hackensack Meridian Health Care System. These positions push Doctor Saad Saad into new horizons and even higher Heights.


So impressive is his performance in these positions that in the 1980s he is called on performing special task. Namely, he is requested to practice medicine for the Saudi Royal family. Just as the decision to become a world-class surgeon rests on a simple choice to stay cool during his career, his being chosen to serve a Saudi royal family has a simple seed. The simple fact is at the time a board-certified pediatric surgeon who speaks Arabic and English held a very unique position indeed. As it turns out to be Doctor Saad Saad fills the position perfectly, because he is the only one in the United States to exist.


Naturally, this unique position comes from a particular amount to sacrifice. Imagine the rigors of Medical Board certification within the states on top of the trial by fire of relocation across continents. And, then imagine it as being treated as royalty, because that is exactly what happens for the good doctor. Perhaps, it is this very treatment that opens his mind to the concept of international Networks. As a result Saad now has connections and friends in places like Denmark, Canada, Sweden, England, Ghana and Egypt.