The Journey to Success of George Soros

George Soros who was born in Hungary, fled the country so that he could join the London School of Economics. He then worked as a waiter and a railways porter before he began working in finance at a merchant bank. George then moved to the US so that he could start working on Wall Street. In the year 1969, he was able to establish his hedge fund with 12 million dollars. The fund was then rebranded to be Quantan Fund. With Stan Druckenmiller supporting him, he made an impressive profit. He then became the individual who managed to break the Bank of England.

Years later, Soros has still managed to remain to be a heavyweight investment. He does this through the Soros Fund Management. The fund boasts of having assets of about 30 million dollars. In 2017, George decided to hire Dawn Fitzpatrick to run his portfolio in investment. Dawn is known to be a prominent woman in Wall Street. Since 2000, Dawn has been the seventh CIO of the fund. Soros has been an influential critic of Donald Trump as he is a fierce critic and contact him.

Soros donated more than 25 million dollars to boost Hillary Clinton and other candidates. The Democratic fundraising operatives were interviewed after this, and they claimed to expect more funding from Soros as the Election Day gets closer. It was expected that Soros would attend his first Democratic presidential nomination. However, he was forced to cancel the trip so that he could keep a close watch on the economic situation in Europe. Soros, however, was seen to be more involved in politics than ever before. People claimed that this is because he had faith in Clinton and had a fear for Donald Trump and more information click here.

The political advisor of George, Michael Vachon claims that his boss has always been donating to the causes of the Democratic Party. Vashon alleges that the stakes were high even before it was stated that Trump would be the nominee. This is because the other side was against the issues that Soros is concerned about. These are like the immigration reform, religious tolerance and the reform of criminal justice.

George Soros was born to a Jewish family. His family, like most of them of the upper-middle class, were not comfortable with their roots. The Soros family changed their name from Schwartz to Soros in the year 1936. This was a camouflage to protect them. When the Nazi Germany took over Hungary, Soros was only 13. And his Twitter, The Jewish children were then banned from going to school. Their family bought documents to show they were Christians and therefore survived the war. Soros was then able to go to school and gain the education that he has used to become a billionaire now and learn more about George.

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