The Giving Life of Dick DeVos

For years Dick and Betsy DeVos have been famous for their huge political donations and even bigger charitable donations. But up until recently, the exact amount of this giving has remained a mystery. All of this became clear after her financial history became clear while congress was deliberating Betsy’s nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education. The research showed that in 2015 alone the couple gave $11.6 to charity. Dick and Betsy did not begin this giving trend in the Devos clan. The clan-all of them-have been at this for decades. Dick’s father, Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway actually got the tradition started. He has four children, all of whom have carried on the tradition to the fullest. The Devos’ clan is so financially giving that the family placed 24th on the recent Forbes’ list of “America’s Top Givers.”


Betsy Devos also comes from a giving family. She is the daughter of the deceased industrialist Edger Prince who was also part of a clan known for its enormous political and charitable giving. Dick and Betsy have specifically concentrated their giving into educational projects and groups. In particular, they champion charter schools and school choice. They are also both very adamant that the present school system needs complete reform. Their giving benefits several national educational projects, but most of the time is toward West Michigan-based events.


Although the specifics of this giving were made public because of Betsy’s recent nomination, a spokesperson says for the sake of transparency the Devos would have eventually made it so. The Devos say that all of their giving is entirely motivated by a desire to help and serve needy people. Dick made his fortune is several top level executive positions with Amway, the Orlando Magic, and The Windquest Group. His biggest role was probably with Amway where he was instrumental in bringing in billions of dollars over the course of his many years with the company. Dick is still an extremely busy man and has been for many years, but he has still managed to become a National Champion sailor twice, a licensed jet and helicopter pilot, and a graduate of Northwood University. He and Betsy are the proud parents of seven children and grandparents of six grandchildren.