Securus Grows Wireless Containment Business

For more than a decade Securus Technologies has been a leader in the communications industry as it continues to provide unique products and services to its customers. The company is actively engaged in the law enforcement and correctional facility industry and currently provides some form of product or service to more than 1,000 facilities located across the country. These facilities are ultimately the home to more than 1 million inmates.


Securus Technologies has been best known for providing a variety of communications services and products. While the company has a very wide line of products to choose from, the most popular of all has continued to be its video visitation service. The video visitation service allows an inmate to have a face-to-face conversation with a loved one. This has provided a great form of communication and convenience for an inmate and has provided a variety of benefits to the facilities as well.


One of the benefits of the video visitation service is that it can be coupled with some of the security services that Securus Technologies can provide. Securus Technologies has provided a very useful call monitoring service that allows them to carefully analyze and review all incoming and outgoing calls. Unless the call is with an attorney, the inmates are required to allow the monitoring and recording. This monitoring service has then allowed Securus Technologies and the facilities to prevent and solve a wide variety of crimes that have taken place inside and outside of the facilities.


While the monitoring services provided by Securus Technologies have been very helpful in helping to make the prisons a safer place to live, correctional facilities still struggle with having to prevent unauthorized phones from entering the property. While there are great security services in place that catch many of the phones from getting in, keeping them all out is almost impossible. Once a cell phone is in the property, it can quickly lead to a flurry of unauthorized calls to take place.


While keeping all of the phones out of the property is very hard to do, Securus Technologies does have a great solution. Securus Technologies now provides a wireless containment system that can help to control the amount of calls that are made in the property. While they may not be able to keep the phones out, the wireless containment system can block cellular access into the prison, except for permitted devices. When a customer uses this new service, they are able to essentially render the illegal cell phones useless as they will no longer be able to make or receive a call on the phone. This can greatly reduce the amount of illegal calls made within the property by inmates.