Rocketship Education Directs Their Focus On Serving Children

Rocketship Education acts as a metaphorical Rocketship for the well-being of inner city children, rocketing them up into self empowerment and success. Inner city children tend to live in areas where violence, drugs and prostitution run rampant. Also, many people face domestic problems in these areas. Rocketship Education encourages children to stay away from the negative influences that plague their neighborhoods.

Race is also another factor in the negative circumstances that inner city kids face. When one says the phrase “inner city student,” one usually refers to a kid of Hispanic or African ancestry. These types of children make up the vast majority of kids who attend inner city schools—especially in larger cities. This is one of the many factors that Rocketship Education keeps in mind as their employees carefully craft curricula for local students.

Rocketship Education empowers students by telling them at an early age that they have the power to direct their lives in whichever directions they want. In neighborhoods and social situations where one feels stuck, it is easy to forget how many options one has in life.

Rocketship Education usually sets up shop in areas where people have to live in disparaging conditions. The communities usually lack suitable services. Rocketship Education tries to be a beacon of light for these communities by engaging students and parents in school activities. Concern by people on the grassroots level is very important when it comes to making conditions better in communities. People have to work together to make their communities better. In order to make sure that there is at least some parental involvement, Rocketship Education employees visit children’s homes to meet with parents and to become familiar with people in the community.

Rocketship Education also believes that schools must play their part to serve children as best as possible. This is another reason why they go to children’s homes. In order to serve children to the best extent, they have to be able to understand and relate to people in communities.