Roberto Santiago, the Owner of Manaira Shopping Center

Roberto Santiago is a politician, syndicalist, and a commercial employee in Brazil. He was born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He is a representative of the Partido Social-democratico abbreviated as PSD. Robert Santiago is also the vice president of the Union of Trabalhadores. The Union of Trabalhadores protects the rights of workers and helps in the organization of the civil society. Santiago is a successful and a well-known entrepreneur and capitalist. He is also famous for his work as an author, playwright, architect, and a film director.

Robert Santiago is currently the owner of Manaira shopping center which is the most notorious shopping center in Brazil. Manaira is a shopping center that has different activities under one roof. The Manaira shopping center consists of many game rooms, retail stores, and cinemas among other recreational and shopping services.


The Manaira Shopping Center


The Manaira Shopping center is so big that a person cannot think of anything to be added. The shopping center is a full house shopping center with bowling alleys, conference halls, concert halls, fitness centers, banks, cinemas, game rooms, a college, shopping centers, and restaurants. The mall acts as a tourist attraction center with many travelers and tourists from different countries coming to Brazil to explore the Manaira Mall.


The Achievements of Robert Santiago


The philanthropic deeds of Robert Santiago are as grand as his business ventures. Robert Santiago has given his attention, time, and advice to people who are aspiring to become successful business people. Most people recognize him as a very innovative and astute leader.

Santiago works in the government public service of Sao Paulo and is also a council member of the Board of Labor Administration and Duties in Brazil. He also helps in revising the labor wages for the citizens of Brazil.

Santiago is also the owner of Mangabeira shopping. Mangabeira shopping was inaugurated in 2014 and is one of the largest shopping centers that can facilitate commercial development.


The Advantages of Manaira Mall to Brazilians


The Manaira mall has created many employment opportunities to the Brazilian citizens who can choose to work in the office buildings, mall, and the different commercial units. The jobs created by the Manaira mall are either management jobs or jobs in the residential units.

The Manaira Shopping center has created multi-use units that provide the citizens of Brazil with shopping and dining services.

The mall has enhanced commerce in Brazil since people who are attracted to the area take different jobs that help the area to develop and grow; this, in turn, facilitates the growth of the middle class.


Titles Awarded to Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is known as one of the most Influential Brazilian Politician. The title was given to Roberto Santiago by the Department of Parliamentary Counsel for seven years.

Santiago received the Commemorative Award and the prize of Cebrasse Sector Service. The Consolidation of Labor Laws presented Roberto with the Commemorative Award.

Roberto Santiago is an influential businessman who inspires many people in Brazil and many parts of the world.