Robert Deignan founded a Company who Offered Anti-malware Software

Robert Deignan is the founder and chief executive officer of ATS Digital Services. His company specializes in offering remote computer repair and anti-malware services to both individuals and businesses. Before starting up his business, Robert worked for a technology company where he would help install anti malware software. Within a few years, he came up with a business idea and then started up his own company. Prior to starting up his business, Robert attended Purdue University and completed an undergraduate degree in organizational leadership. After finishing college, he would go on to play in the National Football League for two seasons. He currently lives in south Florida with his wife and son.

During a brief period of time, Robert worked for a company that offered anti malware software. While working at this company, he realized that it was difficult to install the software because a lot of malware had an ability to block the software from being installed. As a result, Robert looked for an alternative solution to this dilemma. He came up with the idea to offer a remote service that would allow customers to get malware removed digitally from a remote location. As a result, his company ATS Digital Services became a successful company.

Recently, Robert talked about how people can develop a healthier relationship with the technology they use. When it comes to having a more healthy relationship with technology, users will need to understand that technology is addictive, changes your thinking and also distracts you when using multiple screens. Therefore, anyone who is looking to use technology will want avoid these potential pitfalls associated with technology.

According to Robert Deignan, technology is often very addictive. Many people can spend several hours per day using a certain technological device. As a result, they can have a lapse in productivity or avoid essential responsibilities during the day. Therefore, it is a good idea to set restrictions on how long you use technology during the day. Robert has also said that technology changes the way you think. Technology can be quite distracting when there are a number of emails, text messages and notifications. Therefore, limiting its use will help you live a more healthy lifestyle.