PodcastOne’s Advertisement Strategies

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, announced the results of a comprehensive study conducted by Edison Research. Norman Pattiz announced the research findings alongside the Edison Research Vice President of Strategy, Tom Webster. The results were based on advertising tests with five major consumer brands. The consumer brands were categorized by five different services and products.

There were several findings derived from both the pre-study and the post-study. In the post-campaign, over 60% of listeners mentioned a grocery brand with specific details. This percentage had increased from 7% of listeners giving their grocery brand details in the pre-study. Unassisted product awareness of different products also saw an increase from the pre-study to the post-study. Financial services product increased by 47%, automobile aftermarket product recorded a 37% increase and a lawn and garden product’s percentage increment was 24%.

In 2016, Edison Research conducted out three separate studies for PodcastOne. The research examined the effectiveness of podcast in advertising for five national brands. Among the brands, some were well recognized, while others were lesser-known brands. The lesser-known brands sought to enhance their awareness in the market regime. The recognized brands also wanted to launch new messaging to its customers for trial. At the end of the research process, it was noted that podcast audiences were receptive to the messages relayed by the brands. The audiences also showed an increased willingness in consideration of those brands and their purchase.

Norman Pattiz’s intentions of running PodcastOne have always been positively motivated. Norman has ensured that podcast’s advertising format better than the traditional advertising formats. The research findings support the multi-tiered approach that podcast uses to obtain integrated measurements and advertising techniques. Edison Research VP of Strategy, Tom Webster, values co-partnership. Not only has he worked with Norman Pattiz, but also with Bryan Moffett. The two partners have worked together to release a report containing insights on audio consumption, behaviors, and usages tied to advertisements.

Norman Pattiz has over forty years of experience in radio syndication. Norman Pattiz also established the Westwood One. Later, Westwood One was recognized as one of the best providers of news, entertainment, sports in America’s Broadcast Industry. Under Norman’s leadership, Westwood One owned, managed and distributed radio networks of NBC, CNN Radio, and CBS News. Norman Pattiz is one of the most famous and successful individuals who value the impact of implementation of ideas.


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