Omar Yunes Bags Franchisee Award In 2015

Omar Yunes’ story on entrepreneurship and investment is a good example of a business professional that exudes passion and charisma in management. In a world where most business professionals focus on profit generation and not service delivery and quality production, he managed to bag an award thanks to his dedication to satiating client’s needs instead of cashing in at the expense of quality generation and learn more about Omar Yunes.



Omar is not a new name to the business world. The best franchisee in the world award that he bagged in 2015 elevated him to a different, better level. He now dines with the people who have exuded customer reliability and dependability when executing services. A very prominent man in business, Omar Yunes resides in Mexico. He is highly regarded for his input and accomplishment in business. Presently, he is celebrated for owning about 13 franchised locations across Mexico, Puebla as well as Veracruz. These investments have contributed to the position he now holds in the world. He joins the list of the most successful business professionals in the world and more information click here.



Omar’s journey to success has not been easy so to speak. Determination and discipline are just two factors that led him through. At 21, he already owned a franchise, Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain restaurant. Presently, the franchise holds 10% of all restaurants in the food chain. Omar has been gracing business headlines because of excellent performance. The successful business professional was awarded because Sushi Itto is taking the industry to a new, revolutionary space in business. His numerous accomplishments at execution continue to pay up with leadership being the leading.



Omar was awarded as the best franchisee of the world because of his tremendous effort in leading the chain of businesses to success. The award which was hosted in France was based on appreciating business professionals who put their time into ensuring that clients receive the best services in the sectors that they man. Omar Yunes continues to empower business prospects by offering guidance in business. His dedication to giving the best to the world is unmatched. Not only is he a role model but a mentor, advisor and a force to reckon with and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

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