Nick Vertucci- Creating Real Estates Champions

Nick Vertucci formed his real estate academy in the year 2013 with the aim to educate different people on how to achieve their life goals by investing in real estate. Since its formation, the academy has helped thousands of people across the country becoming the most preferred educational programs. According to Nick Vertucci, your past should not form your future, and he grew up in a close know family where he was provided for, but not wealthy. Nick Started his business venture by selling computer parts, and he later got married and had three daughters. After the 2000 crash, Nick Vertucci attended a real estate seminar for three days where he learned on financial freedom through various investments ventures in real estates. Nick states that for those three days, he observed everything he was taught and later continued his research, study, and train on everything pertaining real estate. Nick states that it took him more than a decade of studying, experiment, gathering information to become successful. He later came up with a unique system that is simple and straightforward on making money through real estate’s investing. After years of successful investment through his system, Vertucci formed a company where he teaches people using the same method on how to make money, transform their lives and clear their debts. He states that most people just need someone to guide them since they have the drive and desire to succeed. The NVREA is a system that brings solutions to various challenges that investors face in their career as real estate investors. Nick, the founder, and owner of the academy created a community and system that provides lots of people with proven steps on being the millionaire in real estate. In the academy, investors are taught how to tackle the challenges in this industry and way to achieve your goals. It gives clear guidance on how to find a deal, address it and make a profit. The academy also teaches on methods of repairing a property and making a sale as a finished project. Nick and his dedicated team give you unparallel information that is crucial to succeeding in this industry. NVREA covers

  • Commercial investment,
  • Asset protection,
  • Flipping and rehabbing properties,
  • Flipping and wholesaling contracts,
  • Buying and keeping properties for long terms
  • Leveraging on IRA
  • 401k Fund investments

Nick Vertucci believes that through his academy he has helped thousands of people become millionaires and achieve financial freedom.