Neurocore is a brain performance company which specializes in the treatment of depression, insomnia, anxiety, and ADHD for people of different ages. It offers services such as testing, depression treatment, anxiety, ADHD, memory and sleeping disorders. Neurocore treatment focuses on dealing with the problem from its roots or its source, through the creation of a treatment program which is customized to perform its functions. They carry out a test to help them in understanding the patients’ neuro profile and come up with solutions for treating or optimizing the victims’ performance. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore is unique since it has an alternative approach which is science-based. It utilizes brainwave analysis, whereby, medication is not used and focuses on training your brain on how to function better and eliminate the signs and symptoms of conditions such as ADHD .anxiety or depression through positive reinforcement and repetition.

Neurocore provides teaching programs to victims in aid of improving their lives through continuous assessments and brain tests. The symptoms of anxiety and depression according to scientific research is enhanced through variability of the heart rate and neurofeedback association.

Neurobiofeedback displays the activity of the brain using the real time that is, electroencephalography (EGH), to facilitate self-regulation of the functioning of the brain. This method doesn’t disrupt brain training. Thus, the brain is provided with information as perceived by the EGH and sent back to the mind through visual and auditory signals. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Training on neurofeedback results in reduced or minimized stress and anxiety hence improvement of moods, focus, attention and sleep quality.Recovery of the brain energy and muscles is also achieved Neurocore provides a critical choice for anxiety and depression.

According to research, about 50% of victims have not been diagnosed with the symptoms of depression and anxiety since they disappear as a result of learning, natural growth, and brain healing after continued use of neurofeedback and HRV treatment.

Human beings can achieve more in life when their brains are functioning at their best. Thus Neurocore brain performance center tries to ensure the mind is operating well by customizing programs to fit the victims need. This center has an aim of ensuring that each patient becomes more efficient. Neurocore provides expert support for victims of ADHD, sleeping disorder, depression, anxiety, autism, and stress.