Malcolm CasSelle: Embracing Digital Currency in the Gaming Industry

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency has gained popularity worldwide. South Korea is one of the countries that has embraced bitcoin. Most people in this country has become involved in cryptocurrency exchange because it is recognized as an asset. The growth of cryptocurrency has made the Korean banks to start monitoring the exchange accounts to ensure they comply with the anti-money laundering laws. Cryptocurrency has also been embraced in the gaming sector.

One of the people bringing such changes is Malcolm CasSelle whose primary focus is on digital currency. He is the president of worldwide asset exchange (WAX), and Chief information officer at OPSkins. Wax is a platform that enables over 400 million individuals to sell, collect and buy in-game items. Bitwise asset management and Morgan Creek have also embraced the cryptocurrency technology. The two firms allow investors to access a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. The announcement by the companies increased bitcoin trading to $7000 from $6000. The increase in bitcoin trading is because they are easily accessible.

Malcolm CasSelle has made significant contributions to the digital currency. He has worked in Tronc where he was dealing with digital assets. He has also played a tremendous role in growing startups. Xfire, Tronc Inc., and media pas are just some of the startups that he has helped to develop. CasSelle has also invested in Zynga and Facebook.

Not only has he led startups to success but he has also co-founded companies such as PCCW, a telecom company in Hongkong. During the PCCW public offer, CasSelle helped the company raise billions. He can speak Mandarin and Japanese.

Wax digital art where CasSelle currently works offers people with an easy and fast way to trade digital items anywhere in the world. An artist has to register on the platform before they can sell. The WAX digital arts can be displayed in a game environment. Both buyers and artists benefit from the platform. Buyer’s get a platform to buy their favorite art while the artists get to sell their artworks from anywhere. Artists can also display their crafts in Terra virtual.