Karl Heideck On Employment Law

It is important for business owners always to stay informed about the ever-changing labor laws to avoid being caught up in critical situations. One of the laws is the employment law which has a broad scope and may vary depending on one’s industry or area of business operation. The law is clear that if one employs a person under the age of 18 years, then they should comply with the Pennsylvania Child Labor Law.

The Fair Labor Standard Act popularly known as FLSA is a law that directs employers on when to give minimum wage to the employees. Even though FLSA controls the minimum remunerations, it is in order for one to always remember that the federal rules do not supersede the state law. If there is a discrepancy between the minimum wage as provided for by the state law and that by the federal, it is always advisable to go with the higher one. Another area worth noting is the Family and Medical Leave Act which states that employees are entitled to take a leave in case they are faced with medical needs.

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The Age Discrimination in Employment act is yet another area that employers should take note of. It states that employers should give employees who are getting older the same rights as the young ones. Failure to adhere may result in the company landing into jail. Despite the complex nature of employment law. Business owners need to consult with legal experts about what is expected of them. This way, they will not fall behind.

Karl Heideck is one such attorney who takes his time to help businesses do what is expected of them to the employees. He believes in the importance of helping companies follow the law. Karl Heideck has over ten years of experience in both employment and contract law. He is a great contributor to blogs in which he explains the development of the Pennsylvanian law.

Karl Heideck has worked with Pepper Hamilton as a project lawyer. He also worked at Conrad O’Brien associates from where he gained immense experience fighting for enterprises. Karl Heideck hopes to continue using his knowledge in handling new cases. He is based in Philadelphia.

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