Jeunesse Luminesce Skincare Line

Wendy Lewis began her entrepreneurial journey with her husband, Randy Ray, when they both started selling software. They sold software like Medical Manager, a leading software in the U.S. in the early 2000’s. When they decided to get rid of their software direct selling company, Wendy began working with other multi-level marketing companies, specifically working within the network marketing companies and she excelled. She and her husband began consulting because they became so incredible at direct selling. As they grew their consulting company, they began to take on customer service work as well, eventually working as the entire back end of a variety of different direct selling companies.

However, their lives truly changed when Randy began experiencing severe knee pain. As they were researching treatments they came across the astonishing research of stem cell therapy. When they discovered a doctor in California performing treatment with stem cell injections, they knew they were onto something. As Wendy was waiting for Randy to complete his treatment, she saw an interesting serum with incredible anti-aging results. She recognized a diamond in the rough when she saw it. They took the same serum and enhanced it with modern skincare technology to make it more easily absorbed by the skin. They launched their billion-dollar skincare company Jeunesse in 2009.

Jeunesse has a number of excellent skin care lines that are focused on anti-aging, or what they fondly call the Youth Enhancing System. One of their more potent skincare lines is the Luminesce line which uses APT-200 to help restore the youthful radiance of the skin while reducing wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. The line includes the cellular rejuvenation serum, the daily moisturizing complex, the advanced night repair cream, the youthful restoring cleanser, the essential body renewal, the ultimate lifting mask, the flawless skin brightener, and the hydrashield mask. Each product is filled with antioxidants and vitamins to help restore a youthful complexion with APT-200/ Dr. Donna Antarr, who is on the scientific advisory board of the company, reveals that Luminesce is a great line for all skin types and is the most successful when the full regimen is used daily.