How Louis Chenevert steered United Technology to be the Industry Leader

Louis R Chenevert the former president and CEO at United Technologies was born in Quebec in 1958. Chenevert grew up in Montreal and graduated from Montreal university with a bachelor of Commerce in products management in 1979.Chenevert began his career with General Motors as a production manager. He then moved to Pratt and Whitney in Canada which is a subsidiary of the united technologies,and in 1999 he was the president of the company. Pratt and Whitney is an aerospace design manufacture and servicing company.

Louis was appointed the president and chief operating officer of United Technologies in March 2006. United Technologies is a company that serves the aerospace and aviation industry and its one of the most innovative company. Under the leadership of Chenevert, the company value rose to $100billion.One of Louis landmark achievement is negotiation and finally buying off Goodrich at $18.4billion.The talks to buy off Goodrich took more than a year and finally Louis was able to bring the deal home. Under his leadership the company was able to win the win the tender to supply the F-35 engine to the US government as the sole supplier.

According to a recent interview with Louis, he notes that investing in technology is not enough to propel the company forward. It’s essential to invest in people.Chenevert made it his mission to better the company, and he emphasized that the right people will take the company very far. During Louis Chenevert‘s reign, the company employee scholar program was introduced and it which covers the cost of employees looking to further their education.The company has spent over $1 billion in support of the staff education.

While Chenevert was the CEO, he was able to pick projects that made the company progress further and was able to inspire his team to work on the projects successfully. He made sure the company acquired equipment that have the latest technology to ensure innovative solutions. Throughout his leadership,he steered the company to ensure its success even during the hard-economic periods that were experienced in United States. Chenevert with his zeal, believe in people and knowledge in recent technology successfully placed United technology at top leaving a rich legacy as he retired following a brief time with Goldman Sachs.