Gino Pozzo, a titan in the world of professional sports

Gino Pozzo is a highly regarded entrepreneur who primarily focuses on the world of professional football. He was born into a family of passionate and highly remarkable football enthusiasts. His family has been affiliated to professional football clubs in his home country more specifically, Udinese Calcio FC and has kept unwavering support to the club. Over the years, Gino has developed a passion for professional football clubs and have earned a flawless reputation across Europe for his exceptional ability to transform low-level football teams into topflight clubs. He has made a significant mark in the world of professional football.

The love for football is seemingly natural for Gino Pozzo as his father was too a passionate owner of an Italian football club which he acquired in 1986. Currently, Gino is the legal owner of Watford F.C, a prominent English football club in England’s top flight league. This is one of the most recent additions to the family’s sport ownerships beside Granada and Udinese. Watford is set to experience massive transformation, success, and growth as Gino is a known mastermind behind the success of struggling football clubs acquired by the family.

When the Pozzo family was purchasing Watford back in 2012, the club was faced with numerous problems while still trying to climb up from the fourth division to the premier league. Ever since taking over, the club has significantly transformed into one of the best clubs in England, scaling up the leagues in a dramatic way. Gino Pozzo relocated to London to fully involve himself with all activities in the club. He has since then utilized his passion for football to transform the club by changing a myriad of sectors including players’ signing policies, training programs, and management of the club’s youth team. He now urges fans to support the club as he promises even more significant achievements by the club in the coming football season.