Eric Lefkofksy goes from medical philanthropist to medical innovator

Eric Lefkofsky has become known as one of the most prolific medical philanthropists in the entire country. Throughout the Chicago area in particular, he is widely known for having donated tens of millions of dollars to local hospitals, children’s charities and other medical causes that have saved thousands of lives. But although he has made great contributions to the furtherance of medical research, technology and treatment, Lefkofsky has become slowly bored with the idea of merely sitting on the sidelines. This was part of the motivation that led him to form the company called Tempus, which is dedicated to the creation of platforms that allow for physicians and oncologists to use the sea of data currently being produced by the incredibly fast pace of innovation taking place across all medical disciplines today and learn more about Eric.

The idea for Tempus first came to Lefkofsky when a family member was diagnosed with cancer back in 2013. After attending two years worth of oncology appointments and treatments with his family member, Lefkofsky slowly came to the unpleasant realization that the data and quality of analysis available to many physicians across the United States was little better than the data being used by truck drivers. Lefkofsky believed that putting solid data and analytics capabilities into the hands of physicians could dramatically improve patient outcomes and radically transform the ways in which many diseases are treated. He decided to begin doing personal research into the ways that data could help transform the treatment of cancer in particular and medical conditions generally. This was the beginning of Tempus and his Facebook.

By 2017, Tempus had morphed into a major internet start-up, with a number of proprietary platforms allowing for the easy translation of vast quantities of data into actionable intelligence for treating physicians. Many of the greatest benefits of this technology can be summarized as the ability to conduct the same types of analyses that previously would have been solely in the realm of million dollar, multiple-year studies. In essence, Tempus allows physicians to answer complex questions, on the spot, that could have only previously been answered by major prospective studies and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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