Doe Deere-article recap

Doe Deere is no stranger to the world of makeup, beauty, and fierce individuality. The CEO and founder of the cruelty-free, vegan makeup company, Lime Crime, was one of the first entrepreneurs to strike gold selling makeup online. Doe Deere always had a love affair with fantasy and being creative, but her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City helped her create the foundation for her future in cosmetics.


Doe Deere originally began selling her bright and bold clothing designs, via her independent label online eBay. After discovering she had a need for makeup that was equally as electric as her clothing, she began to develop her own line as a result. Lime Crime was founded in 2008. After cultivating a steady flow of sales and sustained successes, Doe Deere, the “Unicorn Queen” was born.


Lime Crime has over 3 million dedicated followers on Instagram, and they are not only active users of the makeup products, but actively have their voices heard too. Doe Deere credits much of her success to being able to listen to others. No matter if she is getting feedback from excited fans, or fellow entrepreneurs, Doe realizes how much value can be gleaned from soaking up the input of others.


Being a seller online at first seemed a bit daunting, but Doe quickly harnessed the power of promoting via social media networks. The Unicorn Queen enjoyed creating giveaways of her products, and offered a myriad of tutorial videos to help people perfect their makeup skills. Lime Crime’s original line of products offered glitter, eye shadow, and blush to customers within the US. Today, fans worldwide can enjoy getting their hands on Lime Crime’s amazing array of bright fun colors.


Staying true to her core values, Doe Deere is inspired to make beauty fun. Her certified vegan cosmetics are available to help people transform themselves, live authentically, and wear eye-catching makeup. Holding online contests, with a focus on catchy names, like ‘Must-Be-Pink’ helped garner the makeup maven loads of attention. Doe Deere believes that it is most important to be yourself, be proud, and live out loud with her colorful makeups.


Doe Deere is not solely focused on developing her makeups and expanding her line of cosmetic options. She also enjoys giving back to others, to pass on good energy. Doe Deere likes to speak at events to encourage emerging entrepreneurs, as well as donate to various charities. Currently, the L.A. based cosmetic founder spends her time and money with the Bideawee Animal Shelter, The Red Cross, and Sanctuary for Families. Being successful enough to give to worthy causes is quite satisfying for Doe.


The Unicorn Queen of Lime Crime stays busy, but she definitely makes time to read, and focus on her future. Currently, Doe enjoys dreaming up new concepts for Generation Z, and loves reading anything by her fashion idol, Karl Lagerfeld. Lime Crime has a bright future ahead, as Doe continues to dream big, chase dreams, and shine bright. Learn more: