Clinical Research to be added to Chemical Studies

Organo Gold’s Use of Ganoderma Mushroom

  1. lucidum is herb which has a long history of being applied to remedies for common ailments. The applications of G. lucidum are impressive and are applied to many uses, especially creams, capsules, tonics, and syrups. Because of the wide-ranging applications to which G. lucidum can be applied the demand for the fungal herb is in great demand. Culturally the G. lucidum has been reported as a “heavenly,” “spiritual,” or “miraculous,” herb for more than 2000 years. However, recent clinical studies have shown a mixture of similar strains of G. lucidum, which have the same name, but dissimilar chemical breakdown. Researchers hope to add more research to the data in the forthcoming years to supplement the rich chemical analysis of G. lucidum as well as the rich cultural applications found by many diverse cultures, especially, China and Japan. Watch this video on Youtube.

Positive Health Benefits

With the diverse amount of chemical analysis done on G. lucidum a plethora of health benefits have been attributed, especially anti-cancer effects, regulation of glucose in the blood, reducing the amount of virus in the system, as well as protection against liver injury. These studies, which show a large number of positive results to the system are mostly limited to lab animals.


Organo Gold

Organo Gold uses the Ganoderman lucidum in its coffer and toothpaste products. Organo Gold uses the Organic Reishi Power (G. lucida) in its Black Cold Coffee. Organo also uses the spores from the G. lucida mushroom in its Organo Offagato (King of Coffee). Organo Gold says it uses a”patented process” for cracking the shell of the spores in order to “unleash” the potential health benefits of the G.lucida spores. In short G. lucida has many potential applications in the food and health industries ranging from preventitive medicines, herbs and internal applicaitons thru syrups and capsules. Visit to know more.