CEO Bob Reina Announces The Launch Of Two New Recruiting Websites

During a Facebook Live event the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion announced the launch of two new websites. Bob Reina said that these are two recruiting sites in order to show people the opportunities available in signing up to sell Talk Fusion’s products. The two websites are and Both sites share information about Talk Fusion’s award-winning video products as well as the business opportunities the company provides in more than 140 countries around the globe.

During the Facebook Live event, which took place on September 13, 2017, Bob Reina took the opportunity to show the features of his company’s products as well as the benefits of using them. Thousands of people from around the world took part in the Facebook Live event while they listened to Bob Reina go into detail about his company’s products and the direct selling industry in general.

The first website to visit is In just four steps viewers can learn all of the essential information there is to know about Talk Fusion. The website has two videos to watch, a short minute long one about Video Email followed up by a lifestyle video that Bob Reina hosted which takes just five minutes.

After visiting that website people then visit This website provides information on when Talk Fusion’s next live Opportunity Presentation will be shown and gives them the ability to read about how Talk Fusion’s top leaders achieved their success selling the company’s products. After this people can sign up themselves in order to become a part of Talk Fusion’s network of independent contractors.

As Bob Reina knows, marketing products with video is the most effective way to let people know about your product and entice them to buy it. Companies all over the world use Talk Fusion’s apps to communicate with consumers over the internet. Their most widely used app, and the first one they developed, is Video Email. They now have four other additional apps that have since joined it. All of these apps have been designed so that they are simple enough to use that anyone can get up and running in no time using them. Learn more: