Wen Hair Care Products

Wen is a hair care product founded by Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/chaz/philosophy). Wen was designed to make hair beautiful and healthy without damaging it. Unlike other shampoos, WEN doesn’t contain sulfate lather. Lather was seen as a way to keep hair clean, when it was really stripping and damaging hair. It contains natural ingredients such as… Continue Reading Wen Hair Care Products

Jeunesse Luminesce Skincare Line

Wendy Lewis began her entrepreneurial journey with her husband, Randy Ray, when they both started selling software. They sold software like Medical Manager, a leading software in the U.S. in the early 2000’s. When they decided to get rid of their software direct selling company, Wendy began working with other multi-level marketing companies, specifically working… Continue Reading Jeunesse Luminesce Skincare Line