QI Group Executive Chairman, Vijay Eswaran

Born in 1960, Vijay Eswaran is one of the renowned business persons in Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Groups in Malaysia. Since his childhood, Vijay Eswaran was a hard worker and was determined to achieve his dreams in future. Apparently, he worked as a cab driver in the UK that facilitated his college studies. In 1984 he graduated from London School of Economics with a Bachelor’s Degree in Socio-Economics. Following his graduation, he worked for several companies across Europe. During his travels, he took his time to mediate for a month in the Fransican Monastery.

Through his experience in the Monastery, he wrote his first book In the Sphere of silence. Vijay Eswaran. Later went back to the U.K to continue with his financial skills. As he worked he studied the binary marketing system from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Mr. Eswaran continued with his studies in the US in the Southern Illinois University where he had his masters. While in the U.S he worked as a multilevel marketer for several years and later went back to Malaysia to focus seriously on marketing.

While in Malaysia, he worked for Cosway Group until later in 1998 where he co-founded his own company. Vijay Eswaran focused solely on multilevel company later growing to be a giant company across Asia, QI Group. The company today us one of the leading in e-commerce focusing on investments, travel, media, luxury products among others. QI Group is one of the leading conglomerates in Asia and has continued to expand its offices within the region.

Notably, under Vijay Eswaran leadership, QI Group in partnership with Green Venture Capital are set to complete the QI City project in 2020. In the project, there will a medical teaching facility that will provide both private and public services alongside a University.